May 5, 2014

Because, flowers!

I am soooooo into flowers, I mean duh its SPRING transitioning into SUMMER! I created this little inspiration board for a potential spring/summer outfit! Jelly shoes are in! Go get some, I know you ladies remember wearing these when you were young! Long live the 90's! I've also added in a band tee and Dr.Martens because even though they aren't necessarily "spring/summer" friendly for styling, you can STILL wear them and play the part! Forever in love with hints of edge in my outfits. You will also see a pair of multicolor dyed high-waist shorts and kimono! Of course the colors match the flower springy hey its summer vibe, and they're completely stylish and in right now! Grab a kimono and embrace the grace from it!

Thanks for stopping by guys! I am currently hand-making some outfits for future photo shoots I am doing this summer, so super big apologies if I don't post too often or if they're short like this one. I promise great things are coming!

Carpe diem,


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