June 8, 2014

My absence..

Hi all! I know it's been a while since the last time I have posted anything. I've been trying to look deeper within myself for answers to the questions I know only I can answer. Mostly about things such as, Where do I want to be? Who do I want to be? Why? And how will I achieve it all?... In regards to my career choice of course. Being considered a "fashion blogger" was never ever a goal of mine until I ran into Luanna of Le-Happy.com! She was a total inspiration in my everyday life. Not necessarily oh I want to have her look and style, etc. etc. more like.. She opened my eyes to the possibilities that anyone can make it in this fast ever changing fashion world! I've literally stalked her blog all the way to her very first post and realized that she too started from the “bottom” and made herself into SOMEONE at the top. I relate to her because I feel like I am at the bottom right now and I come from a not so wealthy family but don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change them for the world! I am actually thankful that I can learn how to work for everything that I have, it’s a part of my very own personal journey. I catch myself wanting to be more than who I've become today. It was quest in itself to land the job I have today and be where I am financially, and that would be stable/well off considering my young age of 23. I've been blessed with great opportunities in the "office/administrative" world and able to hold a job that people 15-40 years older than me hold but I continue to want more for myself. Yes, I feel secure in life now, I'm comfortable. Buuuuut... What fun is being comfortable? What fun is it sitting in an office for 8hrs straight, 5 days a week sitting on my ass staring at a computer screen generating reports? Like I said, yes I'm blessed to have an office job working 8-5 with weekends and paid holidays off, it is a goal for a lot of people from what I understand. I've reached that goal and my soul hungers for more! I had received my Associates in 2013 then landed the job I have currently, but thankfully I am now back in school going for my Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising at Texas State University. The staff there have really opened my eyes to opportunities that I might actually enjoy. But what is it that I want exactly? First I wanted to design, and then I thought...I am no Zac Posen. Second I thought, hey maybe a buyer for a huge retailer like Bloomingdale’s! I researched into everything about being a buyer and boom I thought I found my calling! A few months into learning about being a buyer I realized that wasn't me either, I then changed my mind to becoming a stylist! I talked to many other girls at school about it and everyone seems to want the same thing..styling celebrities. Sure, it's a badass job and super easy once you make it in that industry but how does one even make it out there? How could I market myself differently and perform better than my competitors at succeeding as a celebrity stylist. I couldn’t afford high-end name brands like Chanel and Givency. This brings me back to Luanna, I ran into an ordinary girls website and she inspired me like no other, she wasn’t all about name brands, she was like me, into thrifting! I now run thebuddhaqueen.com but lately I've been going through a "is this my ultimate goal? Is this who I really want to be? Should I really invest in this? Being a ‘fashion blogger’?" I mean half the successful fashion bloggers out there can afford high-end clothes or they work as a walking advertisement for whatever company. Was that what I wanted to do with my creativity? Have someone give me things to wear? Represent brands for the rest of my career or until they find someone ‘new’ to do it for them? What if the clothes provided aren’t even in my style range? Am I just going to be posting pictures of myself “styled” by myself with no content in my posts? Don’t take that the wrong way, for those that do, I am happy they’ve made it and can be stylish iconic bloggers for the mass. But as for me? It isn’t my cup of tea. So for the past few weeks I've been jotting down my thoughts and trying to come to a realization of my natural talents and creativity. I've been trying to map out who I am today and who I truly want to be in a few years. I think I've finally hit an “epiphany”! What is it you might ask? Well, just wait and see! A great hint is: I have always been entrepreneur-minded, great at anything business related, marketing, advertising, etc. and then I mix all that with my talents, creativity with fashion, and finally add in some "sugar" from my heart that wants to actually make a difference in others lives who are less fortunate. I have high hopes that my idea will succeed. As I write this I think, who will actually take the time out to read this but I hope someone does and maybe I can even inspire others to map out what they truly want in life.

So, there's that. I am on a new quest for success in the fashion world, so long office job (well until I get on my feet)! It takes time, nothing comes easy. Patience is a virtue, right?

I’ll be in touch.